What Can a Financial Planner Actually Do for You?

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21 Sep 2018
We’ve all heard about financial advisors, but what does a financial advisor do, actually? In this article, we’ll tell you why you need one.

Have you ever used the services of a financial advisor?

If not, or you’ve never even heard of a financial advisor, it’s a service you might want to start using in the near future.

These professionals do a lot of different things, depending on what services you need at the time. Broadly speaking, a financial advisor will do almost exactly what their title says. They’ll advise you on nearly every aspect of your finances, from investing to saving for a home or retirement.

So, what does a financial advisor do with your money? Keep reading to find out.

What Does a Financial Advisor Do for Me?

If you’ve ever looked at the state of your finances and felt overwhelmed, it’s probably a good idea to sit down and speak with a financial advisor. An advisor can make every aspect of your money more manageable, and help break down confusing laws and savings plans.

Financial advisors aren’t just for the wealthy with billions of dollars worth of assets. Normal, middle-class families can also benefit from speaking with an advisor.

So what does a financial advisor do for you specifically? If you’re still not sure how a financial advisor can help you, here are three common areas they can assist with:

1. They Can Help You Make a Financial Game Plan

Just like a sports team, you need a solid game strategy in order to get the most out of your money.

There are a lot of small details that make up your entire financial portfolio. Whether it’s checking accounts, savings accounts, taxes, investments, stocks, bonds and more. All of this can be difficult for one individual to manage, so bringing in a professional can help you get your money where you need it to go.

A financial advisor will sit down with you and learn all of your goals for the future. Then, they’ll make a game plan to help you get there. You can focus on the big picture, while the advisor will show you the little steps you need to take now to get there.

2. They Can Help You Save

Saving for expensive items like a college education, a home or even retirement isn’t out of reach, you simply need the guidance of a great financial advisor. Your advisor can help you navigate all of the different savings plans, mortgage options and more to find the one that makes the most sense your unique financial situation.

3. They Can Help You Invest

If you’re not a stock broker or don’t work in the financial industry, investing your money can be intimidating to say the least. Depending on their credentials and expertise, a financial advisor can help you invest your money wisely.

If you have a lump sum you’re looking to invest and grow for the future, your financial advisor can put together a portfolio to help you get there.

Want to Learn More?

Now that we’ve answered the common question, “what does a financial advisor do?”, you should have a good idea of the wide range of skills that an advisor brings to the table. Everyone can benefit from the services of a financial planner, no matter what the current state of your finances is or how much money you make.

Check out the rest of our blog for more advice on money management. If you’re ready to take control of your finances and reach your goals, contact us today to set up a meeting with an advisor.


Daryl Seaton