Investment Management & Advice Services

The goal of our services is to help achieve what matters most to our clients; to help them make informed and wise decisions about their assets, about their future.

Investment Management

Your portfolio receives attention from our experienced team. We believe investment decisions should carefully weigh your opportunity for growth and income against the possibility of risk or loss. We allocate your portfolio to help meet your needs for liquidity, stability, income and growth.

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Retirement Plans

Let Solera help you determine how much risk you are comfortable taking given your age, financial goals, and your investing time horizon, among other factors.  Our system will begin performing an in depth analysis of your options and generate personalized investment recommendations on how to better allocate your portfolio.

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Traditional Investments

There are many investment instruments that can be used to provide for a specific goal you have. Learn about some traditional investments that we use, based on a clients specific objective or need.

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Financial Planning

From retirement planning to estate and tax strategies, our process goes beyond advising on financial matters. Our SoleraTactical process helps clients manage their financial planning needs and opportunities, while assessing risk and helping plan for unexpected events.

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Estate preservation services, including succession planning, estate tax minimization, and asset protection.

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