Investment Advisor vs Financial Advisor: What’s the Difference?

Investment Advisor vs Financial Advisor: What’s the Difference?
26 Nov 2019
They may sound similar and are often used interchangeably, but there are key differences between an investment advisor and financial advisor. Learn them here.

When you’re planning your financial future, you’re going to want some help from seasoned experts.

Both an investment advisor and a financial planner can help you map out the best way to meet certain financial goals, but their services differ in some key ways. 

Are you torn on whether or not to hire an investment advisor or financial advisor? Do you need help choosing the one that would be best for your situation?

Read on if you want to learn about the key differences between the two, and who you should hire for your unique financial needs.

What Does an Investment Advisor Do?

An investment advisor can be a person or firm. They provide investment advice to individuals or businesses, and can also produce reports and analyses of investment securities.

Anyone that’s an investment advisor needs to pass the Series 65, Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination, or an equivalent exam. They’re also monitored by the SEC. 

An investment advisor will be able to take a look at your current financial situation and any investments you currently have. Once they have your information, they’ll be able to advise you on the best way to handle investments. 

Should I Use an Investment Advisor?

Investment advisors are only going to be helpful if you’re only looking for help with investment and stocks. These are professionals that are best at handling large amounts of money and looking towards the future.

They’re great for people that want to get started investing large sums of money or need help improving their already existing portfolio. 

They may not be the most helpful for people that are starting from scratch or don’t have a lot of money at their disposal. 

What Does a Financial Advisor Do?

A financial advisor is someone that provides financial advice for people. They could provide some investment advice, but they wouldn’t be able to be as helpful as an investment advisor in that regard.

A financial advisor can give you financial advice in every aspect of your life. They can help you save more money, get yourself out of debt, or help you create and reach important financial goals.

Do I Need a Financial Advisor? 

A financial advisor can be an excellent resource for people that need help managing money in general. 

People that are having issues prioritizing financial goals can benefit from a financial advisor. They can help give you a plan to reach your goals, and give you plenty of actionable steps to lead you along the way.

They’re also great for people that need help getting out of debt. If you’re struggling with an expensive mortgage or student loans, they can help you figure out a way to chip away at debt and still live your life. 

Get Financial Help Today

Depending on what you need, an investment advisor or a financial advisor can get you one step closer to meeting your goals. 

Regardless of what your financial needs are, we’re here to help. Whether you need an actionable plan to get out of debt or insight into the best stocks to invest in, we have an expert that can help you.

Be sure to contact us today so we can get started paving your way towards a great financial future. 


Daryl Seaton