Income Opportunities: 7 Awesome Ways to Earn a Passive Income

Income Opportunities: 7 Awesome Ways to Earn a Passive Income
29 Feb 2020

It seems as though the people who simultaneously have money and time to enjoy their lives are those that rake in some form of passive income. 

Working your life away might earn you enough money to pay the bills, but you’ll be too tired to spend time with your friends and family. Not to mention, you won’t have time to pursue your passions.

Passive income is money you earn without having to do very much in the long run. Sure, there’s some maintenance and a hefty push to get things started, but passive income generally requires very little work from the individual. 

We’re going to discuss passive income opportunities in this article, giving you some ideas of ways you might be able to earn a little extra cash. 

7 Excellent Passive Income Opportunities

You might not find all of the items below appealing, but we’re confident that you’ll see one or two that strike your fancy. Remember, you’ll have to do some significant work on the front end if you want to set your passive income ball rolling. 

That said, the average person can definitely engage in the following things in a way that will make them significant, long-term income.

1. Invest with Help

The most effective way to generate passive income is through intelligent investments. Investing, though, requires that you keep an eye on stocks, the market, and a whole bunch of other factors.

A financial planner can monitor your funds and make decisions on your behalf. Considering the fact that they have expert market knowledge, financial planners are likely the best aid in your search for passive income. 

2. Create a Blog

A popular blog can generate surprising amounts of steady cash. If you hone your craft a little bit and give your page some time to gain followers, you can start earning passive income from advertisements and products sold on your page.

3. Rent Out a Property

Rental properties are excellent sources of passive income. Being a landlord is a lot of work, though, so you might want to consider working with a property management company. 

Once things get started, you’ll have at least a few hundred extra dollars per month. 

4. Dropshipping

You might have seen advertisements for dropshipping programs in your various feeds. 

It’s simply the process of buying and selling products online without ever actually handling those products. Once you set up your various product and shipping processes, you can generate a healthy passive income. 

5. Rent Your Stuff

Yards, cars, jet skis, boats, garages, bedrooms, and more can all be rented out to people in need. Take Airbnb, for example. 

The idea of renting out a room in your home has provided people with a great deal of extra income. The internet is an excellent place to post ads for rentals that you come up with.

6. Create a Sellable Course

Odds are, there’s something that you have expert knowledge in. Whatever your particular passion is, consider developing an e-course for it. 

You create a course, package it in a way that you can sell online, and sell it for a reasonable price. Once it’s posted, you can simply allow it to generate income for you while you move on with your life. 

7. Participate in Studies

Namely, sleep studies. 

You can potentially get paid to participate in sleep studies in your area. Keep an eye out for these and other studies, typically conducted by universities. 

You might even be able to rake in a couple of thousand dollars for each study– all while you sleep.

Looking to Get a Handle on Your Finances?

If you’re interested in generating reliable passive income opportunities, we’re here to help you start. There’s no shame in getting an expert opinion every now and then.

Explore our site for more information on investing, financial planning, and generating passive income. 


Daryl Seaton