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We love people and are passionate to serve their personal and financial needs. We work with high intention, high service, and a relational imperative.

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We are devoted to our clients. To each other. To our values. To our community. We are looking forward to working with you.

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Find out about our work approach and the many factors we take into account as we work to help you achieve your objectives.

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We receive lots of questions from our clients, here are some of the most common questions we receive. If you can not find your answer, contact us and we will be glad to help.

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Character. Relationship. Service. Stewardship. Accessibility. Authenticity. Resource.

We are passionate about delivering financial counsel to help individuals protect their assets, provide for their needs, and realize dreams. We strive everyday to be guided by the following seven values in serving our clients.


Character is the basis of ALL success. Honesty is when actions are first, words are later and they are the same. Integrity is when words are first, actions are later and they are the same.


Trust is the basis of all relationship. Dealing with others in a caring way that seeks to listen, give, and serve. Keeping promises.


Supplying aid, information, and service for your financial needs and resource for your dreams.


We are accountable for protecting and being responsible for assets that are entrusted to our care.


We are easy to connect and communicate with. We return requests promptly since it matters to you.


Our actions match our stated values. There is no separation between us and our word. You can expect us to be consistent in what we do.


We are a source of information, advice, financial council, and connection for individuals seeking to protect and grow their assets for themselves and for those that desire to pass some on to charity or the next generation.

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Our approach is a big factor in our success, which translates into success for our clients. There are 6 components which make up our approach: Transparency, Keeping You Informed, Investment Philosophy, Expenses & Taxes, Risk Management, and Discipline.


We practice advanced disclosure. Among many things, we disclose any and all conflicts at the onset of the relationship and we act in your best interest at all times.  This is an important relationship that not all brokers and advisors have with their clients, at SOLERA it is standard practice.

We are fiercely independent. Because of this independence, we are never confused by competing corporate goals, investment banking departments, in-house products, or quarterly earnings reports.  Our investment advisory compensation is transparently disclosed with no hidden fees or costs. In so many words, our interests and our clients’ interests are aligned.

Keeping You Informed

Our management approach is grounded in an understanding of our client’s entire financial picture. We recognize that many of our clients have unique and often complex wealth and investment programs. For clients to reach their goals, it is important to consider asset allocation, but also tax, cash flow issues, and generational planning. By incorporating all of this information, we can help guide our clients in making ongoing strategic decisions.

We meet with our clients frequently to update planning needs, discuss portfolio performance, factors affecting the portfolio, and changes being considered in the next period of time. We also provide a Weekly Market Update E-mail, monthly wines of the world & cheese tasting, quarterly newsletter, a bi-annual presentation regarding the Current State of The Market & State of Alternative Investing. In addition, we provide Whitepapers on relevant topics from time to time and proactive individual phone calls to check-in. Communication is embedded in our culture.

Investment Philosophy

Too often, fear, greed, overconfidence, and lack of knowledge drive investment decisions.  In many cases investors can be their own worst enemies.

We do not fall prey to the investment de-jour promoted on TV stations or radio shows.

When formulating portfolios, we apply these general concepts:

  • Keep expenses as low as possible.
  • Diversify and rebalance systematically.
  • Minimize taxes.
  • Think long-term yet manage against loss in the short term.
  • Recognize that asset allocation determines the majority of portfolio performance.
  • Apply discipline throughout the investment process.

Expenses & Taxes

Have you ever invested in a mutual fund that declined only to receive a capital gain tax bill at the end of the year?

Or, have you anguished over when to sell an underperforming investment or annuity because of a broker’s deferred fee charge?

As a result, our investment vehicles are chosen without bias.  This allows us to focus on the most appropriate investment options for our portfolios.

In some cases, tax avoidance, or finding the absolute lowest cost investment could be a detriment to the portfolio.  We advise clients to take all considerations into effect when making those decisions impacting their portfolio.

We spend time to make sure that our investment line-up not only keeps costs low but also is tax efficient. Solera Asset Managers does not provide tax services.


The equity markets have provided wonderful returns over the last 100 years, yet many investors have had poor investment results. Why? Because too much energy was focused on stock picking, market timing and return chasing.

We focus on areas we are able to directly control: tax efficiency, diversification, risk, cash flow needs, rebalancing, and costs.  Allocations are based on each client’s specific situation, not what some investment “guru” is guessing what the market is going to do over the next few months.

We work with clients to successfully avoid behavioral traits like irrational exuberance and regret avoidance that weaken resolve and can cause poor investment advice and decisions.

Risk Management

Defining the amount of risk that needs to be taken to achieve a particular goal or objective drives the asset allocation.  This is one of the final steps in the process of the financial plan.  Risk is specific within various asset classes.  However, the combination of multiple non-correlated asset classes can reduce the risk to the overall portfolio.

Risk management extends beyond the investment portfolio.  Liability management, emergency liquidity preparation, business risk management and insurance protection to mitigate risk may also matter during the course of your lifetime.

Managing the constant balance of growth and safety is essential to achieving your goals.



Solera is a process for aging liquids such as wine, beer, vinegar, and brandy, by fractional blending in such a way that the finished product is a mixture of ages, with the average age gradually increasing as the process continues over many years. Solera literally means “on the ground” in Spanish, and it refers to the lower level of the set of barrels or other containers used in the process; the liquid is transferred from barrel to barrel, top to bottom, the oldest mixtures being in the barrel right “on the ground”. The investment strategies we employ for clients require a meticulous blending of diverse products and strategies to create a refined “mixture” that helps grow wealth while aiming to protect against catastrophic investment losses.

The holy grail of investing is to achieve overall greater investment returns without increasing risk. We love people and are passionate to serve their personal and financial needs. We work with high intention, high service, and a relational imperative. A few values that are part of our success are transparency, authenticity, and trust. These values are not just words to us, they are the cornerstone of who we are. While we have confidence in our strategies, we cannot guarantee performance in accounts. What we can guarantee is that we will approach everything with a tireless work ethic. We communicate with clients regularly and often.

Daryl T. Seaton

Founder and Managing Director

Daryl is the Managing Director and founder of the firm.  Risk management is “mission critical to Daryl!  Given the markets over the last two decades, Daryl realized the need for meaningful risk management that was not a rehash of the same old style seen from Wall Street prior.  His mantra is “We win more by losing less.”

Before founding the firm, Daryl worked for a Fortune 100 Company for 13 years.  In his leadership role, he helped recruit, develop, and supervise 150+ Agents/Financial Advisors managing more than one Billion dollars in assets.  His educational and career background has uniquely positioned him for his role as architect and manager of the Solera Fractionally Blended Portfolios.  Daryls’ solid leadership background in finance has brought an unwavering commitment to Soleras’ client-aligned approach to risk management and independence from the influence of big Wall Street firms.

Far and away his pride and joy is his family.  Along with his wife Tammy, they are raising two boys of great character and faith.  Daryl also enjoys wine and hiking in leisure time.

Vlad Donets

Risk Management Advisor

Vlad moved to the United States in 1989 from the former Soviet Union.  Growing up there gave him a unique view of the financial world. That is why his passion and calling in life is to help families and business owners become financially secure without taking unnecessary risks.

He started his career in 2002 with a Fortune 100 company and achieved some of their highest honors while building his practice and serving the needs of his community.  Recognizing the changing industry and the growing need for independence, Vlad joined with his long-term colleague at Solera in 2017.

In his free time, Vlad loves spending time with his beautiful wife Lyudmila and their two children.  He also loves to eat and is often found sharing a meal with great friends.

Tammy Seaton

Operations Manager

Tammy brings a lifetime of experience to managing a busy financial advisory practice. She is responsible for overseeing client communications, events planning and execution, and marketing efforts. She has the primary responsibility for managing Daryl’s calendar and scheduling client review appointments. Tammy is also responsible for managing the firms operations including facility requests, equipment and vendor support, managing the firms books, and the firms procedure manuals.

Slava Palamarchuk

Risk Management Advisor

Slava moved to Sacramento from Ukraine in 2005.  He studied Business Finance and Insurance at California State University – Sacramento achieving his undergraduate degree.  After graduating he proceeded to work for a Fortune 50 bank. In that fast-passed environment Slava was able to quickly achieve the title of Branch Manager.  Desiring the best for his clients he became an independent financial professional and later with the help of friends, family and partners Slava joined Solera Asset Managers in 2017.  As a servant-leader he brings a passion for finance, relationships, and works tirelessly to help provide top-notch planning for clients.  He is an invaluable and positive force for his clients and for Solera.

In his free time, Slava loves to play sports, visiting friends and family and travel with his wife Lyudmila and their newborn son. He also likes to read books on biographies, business and history. Grateful for an amazing community, Slava is always looking for different ways to improve people’s life.

Adelina Hamilton

Operations Specialist

Lily Gensitskiy

Operations Specialist